Tank Inspection Photos

For the safety of your family, your property and the environment, we are required by insurance to see your tank prior to the first delivery. This can be done virtually with the following pictures attached to your form or we can do the inspection in person for you.

Picture #1: An overall view of the tank

Reasoning: An overall view will allow us to determine the size of the tank as well as the condition the tank is in.

Picture #2: A view of the underside of the tank

Reasoning: The underside view is where your tank will first show signs of stress. This view will help us identify any potential concerns we might have.

Picture #3: The oil line coming from the side or bottom of the tank

Reasoning: This tells us what style tank you have in your home.

Picture #4: A picture of the front of your home

Reasoning: We’ve never been to your home before, so this picture allows the driver to know they are delivering to the correct home.

The Pricerite Oil team also recommends that ALL homeowners and renters check their heating oil tanks at least once or twice per year. Our recommendation is to periodically check your tank yourself and have it professionally checked during your annual cleaning service. This video highlights some of the things to look for while periodically checking your tank.