About Us

We started Pricerite Oil to be different from other oil companies. Our goal is to make the process of ordering oil simple by delivering great customer experiences at radically fair and transparent prices.

Our Beginnings

It’s hard to believe our story begins in 2008 when crude oil was over $130 per barrel and homeowners were paying as much as $5.00 per gallon to heat their homes. Finding an oil company with clear pricing and a simple way to order oil did not exist. We were frustrated. We asked around and we weren’t alone. So we set out to change the way oil was ordered and delivered for our family, friends and the communities surrounding us.

In April 2008, Dad drove by an oil truck for sale and it became truck #1. So with zero customers, a truck that didn’t run, and a passion to change heating oil delivery, a father and two brothers began the journey of Pricerite Heating Oil.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Challenge

How we’re changing to landscape

  • Prices of home heating oil were difficult to find and mostly done over the telephone.
  • Websites for oil companies were poorly designed and very few had the ability to order heating oil.
  • We created an easy to use website with an online ordering form and transparent prices.
  • Minimum delivery requirements were out of reach for many customers with struggling budgets during a financial crisis.
  • Right from the day we opened we offered delivery of any quantity.
  • Many oil companies frankly don’t care about customer experiences. They know people need oil and they don’t operate with the customer in mind.
  • We hire friendly people to serve our customers and use technology to improve the customer experience
  • Delivery needed to be faster with minimal errors.
  • We’ve continued to grow our fleet of trucks and in 2017 we installed onboard computers to increase the number and speed of deliveries. We minimize mistakes by eliminating the use of manual meters. The amount of fuel delivery is set and managed by our office staff, not the driver.
  • Ordering oil needed to be easier and 24/7.
  • We simplified the customer experience with the launch of our mobile app in 2019 featuring a 3 tap ordering process and the ability to receive paperless receipts via email.
  • All of these changes allow us to keep our prices low and pass on the savings to our customers.

Get Familiar With Us

Finally, but most importantly, is the team we have assembled to serve you. All the technology advancements we have made over the years can’t replace a friendly driver or a friendly voice on the other end of the telephone. Our team members are part of the family and we treat them that way, so they treat you that way. A team member touches every order, online or otherwise, before it is sent to your home. People and technology work hand in hand to deliver the best experience possible in heating oil delivery.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

Meet The Team

Trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to help with all of your heating oil delivery needs.