Today's Oil Heat: Clean. Renewable. Safe. Efficient.

Pricerite Oil has the latest in heating oil delivery software on board our fleet of trucks. This software allows us to provide the option of completely paperless receipts to you, our customer. Once the driver completes the delivery, our trucks automatically email the receipt directly to your inbox within 2 minutes, thereby saving thousands of sheets of paper each year. All of the information you have come to expect and more is included on the digital receipt such as:
Driver Name, Arrival Time, Completion Time, Price Per Gallon, Gallons Delivered, Totals Cost Of The Delivery and Account Balance

The oil heat industry has been undergoing a transformation for the last few years with the environment in mind. Locally, the goal has been to significantly improve the efficiency and cleanliness of heating oil for the over 800,000 homes using oil heat in MA and RI. The large reductions of sulfur levels and the addition of Bioheat® fuel are making these lofty goals a reality.
Pricerite only delivers Bioheat® fuel, which is a blend of biodiesel and ultra-low-sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). Bioheat® fuel is a smart solution that requires no modification to your heating system and results in a better fuel for your home and the environment. Heating oil blended with biodiesel improves efficiency, reduces heating system maintenance and dramatically reduces emissions. Biodiesel is produced from a variety of renewable resources, such as plant oils, animal fats, recycled grease, and even algae, making it one of the most sustainable fuels on the planet. And, with biodiesel, you don’t sacrifice food for fuel. Oils and fats for biodiesel are a minor by-product of producing high-protein feeds (soybean meal) and quality meats.
U.S. biodiesel reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by an average of 80 percent compared to petroleum fuel oil, making it the best carbon reduction tool of any U.S. liquid fuel commercially available. Biodiesel has the highest energy balance of any U.S. commercially available fuel, returning 5.54 units of renewable energy for every one unit of fossil energy needed to produce it. This energy-in, energy-out ratio is called “energy balance” or “fossil energy ratio.”
Bioheat® fuel is a healthy and safe renewable energy resource made domestically from fatty acids found in soy and other vegetable oils, recycled restaurant oils, and other natural sources. Not only is its production astonishingly energy efficient, but the fuel itself is nontoxic, biodegradable, and promotes better air quality and environmental sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It also provides a cleaner, more complete and energy efficient burn. Translated to a typical oil-burning household, using 800 gallons of Bioheat® fuel blended with ultra low sulfur heating oil per year could conserve 16 gallons of oil annually and the emissions that go along with it. Breathe easier and reduce your carbon footprint with Bioheat® heating oil delivered from Pricerite Oil.

Premium Heating Fuel For Your Home

Take care of your home heating system and it will take care of you! Just like you, home heating oil systems perform better and last longer when they’re cared for properly. Pricerite Oil only delivers premium fuel enhanced with a field proven fuel conditioner that constantly cares for your heating oil system. The addition of the conditioner ensures that both the equipment and the fuel that it depends upon are functioning at peak performance 365 days a year. With a unique balance of three stabilizers, our premium fuel not only keeps today’s fuel fresh, but also improves the latest blends of ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel, keeping your fuel healthy today and into the future. It cleans your heating system by reducing sediment buildup that may already be in your tank, pipes, filters and nozzle. It also inhibits corrosion and rust in your tank and fuel lines. The result is a healthier fuel and heating system that runs more effectively while improving equipment life expectancy.
How it works:
1. Sediment – Untreated fuel produces unwanted sediment that, when stirred during refill, can enter into system components. The premium fuel delivered from Pricerite Oil reduces sediment into micro particles that flow completely through your heating system to a complete burn while improving efficiency.
2. Filters – Sediment build-up in the tank filter can stop the flow of fuel completely or allow sediment particles further into the system. Premium fuel reduces particle size and stabilizes fuel to reduce clogging and unnecessary breakdowns.
3. Fuel Lines – Untreated fuel can also react with metal parts causing corrosion and oxidation, which can reduce fuel flow and efficiency. Premium fuel stops the reaction and helps prevent the corrosion of metal parts.
4. Burner Nozzle – Sediment can eventually reach the burner nozzle, reducing efficiency or shutting off the heat completely. Premium fuel reduces nozzle plugging, which maximizes burn rate and improves efficiency.

Am I paying a good price for my heating oil? Your answer is in the chart below. This chart shows a comparison of the average price of heating oil in MA for the 2019-2020 heating season compared to the average prices you would have paid as a customer of Pricerite Oil. Also, as a Pricerite Oil customer, you would have been delivered only Premium Heating Fuel. Our premium fuel cleans your heating system by reducing sediment build up that may already be in your tank, pipes, filters, and nozzle. This premium fuel also inhibits corrosion and rust in your tank and fuel lines. The result is healthier fuel and heating system that runs more effectively while improving equipment life expectancy.